Full-Service Structural Restoration And Repair Services For Colonial Homes and Barns

Dale’s Structural & Carpentry has been restoring Colonial Homes and Post & Beam Barn structures for 35 years as well as 19th century and newer homes damaged by the passing of time or moisture and insects. Basements and Crawl Space areas can be a problem area of homes that can be damaged by powder post beetle insects that consume the wood framing and sub floors of buildings requiring structural restorations.

Termite damage will also be the result of wood framing members needing to be restored as these insects commonly enter homes through the soil of crawl spaces and cause extensive damage to buildings. Another source of damage to a building from crawl space areas and basements is ground moisture evaporation.

Most crawl spaces and basements in older homes have dirt floors and require a vapor barrier or concrete floor to arrest or reduce the process of soil moisture transferring and being absorbed into the wood framing members of a building causing wood rot damage to beams, floor joist, sill plates and sub floor decking. If your floors are bouncing or moving as you walk across a room, if you have sagging areas in the center of your floors or the rooms floors are tilting you have a floor joist problem in your basement. Windows and doors that are rubbing and sticking that never did before is a sign of building settlement indicating a structural issue. Failing post support columns in basements is another source of these issues and their replacement is a service our company provides.

Estimates are not charged for if you have a Colonial Home, Newer Home, Garage, Carriage Barn, Old Barn or any Building that has rotted beams or structural failure including insect damage or wood rot where an estimate for cost to restore the building is needed. We repair buildings with foundation masonry or wood structural failure from modern stick-built framed homes to antique post & beam colonial homes-barns with expert care and an attention to the finest details resulting in an excellently completed job with work pride, we put our clients first before ourselves. 

Structural Repair Services Offered


Offering Top-Quality Contractor Services Including:

  • Restoration For Homes (Specializing in 18th Century Colonial Homes)
  • Barn Restoration (Specializing in 18th Century Colonial Barns)
  • Remodeling & Renovations
  • Room Additions
  • Interior & Exterior Finishes


Providing Professional Carpentry Services Including:
  • Sagging Floors Repaired
  • Center Beam & Carrying Beam Replacement
  • Sill Timber – Post & Beam Restoration
  • Basement Support Columns & Footings
  • Termite Damage & Crawl Space Repairs
  • Foundation Repairs & Replacement
  • Piers & Footings
  • Chimney Rebuilds
  • Building Lifting & Rigging

Turn to Dale’s Structural & Carpentry for structural restoration and repairs including colonial home, barns and contemporary homes with termite and carpenter ant damage. Call today! (413) 667-3149

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