Barn Restoration & Repairs

Colonial Barns built in the 18th century are well built Post & Beam structures using cut joinery methods with wood pegs to secure the beams and framing members together and differ from contemporary modern built buildings today using nails, carriage bolts, screws and other metal fastening methods to bind the wood framing together. However, after 200 years these Antique Structures need repairs and restoration due to the ravages of time, weather condition exposer and insects. This is true also with Antique Colonial Homes that require Structural Repairs-Restoration to the homes Post & Beam framing or Dry-Stone Foundation. Our company performs these Repair & Restoration services to the highest standards by Rigging and Lifting Buildings to replace or rebuild foundations under existing Old Homes or Barns and to replace timber framing. Call for a free estimate and assessment of your buildings needs from Slate Roof to Timber Framing or Foundation Issues.

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