Residential Homes & Termite Damage

New homes and Older Homes are damaged from moisture in basements and dirt Crawl Space shallow cellar and basement areas of homes. This condition results in Dry Rot to wood framing members that are Sill Plates or Sill Beams, Floor Joist that bend or sag losing their ridged form resulting in a weak or bouncing floor joist framing that moves while walking across a room. Sub Floor Damage as a result of wood rot or Sagging Floors with additional damage to Girder Beams and Carrying Beams that secure and support the floor joist framing of the homes floors are other negative conditions we address caused by basement moisture conditions. Carpenter Ants, Termites or Moisture Damage resulting in Dry Rot or Wet Rotted Framing and Insect Damage are work service solutions we offer and perform call for a free estimate for all your Structural or Foundation Repair needs.

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